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A Letter To You
Thursday, 7 November 2013 | 11/07/2013 | 4 Awesome!

I do have a secret .
I tell it to you .
All my secret .
Why ?
Because I know you will never tell the secret to others .

I do have problems .
A lot .
And I share it with you .
Why ?
Because my heart feels much better sharing with you .

I do have feelings .
Whether it is sad or happy .
When I am sad , I remember you .
But , when I am happy , sometimes , I forget you .
Sorry .
But I know , you love me .

When I am scared ,
I will speak with you deep in my heart .
Why ?
Because I know you are always be with me .
And always accompany me wherever I am .

I know , I am a non-stop sinner .
I always make you sad , and hurt you .
But , I am really sorry .
Really really sorry . 
Please don't stop loving me .
I am absolutely can't live without your love .

And please , never go away from me .
Because , I Love You .

Sincerely ; Yours
To ; Allah 

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